Topic 9: Web Fame

The Internet has not been utilized by only the general public. The Internet has also become the birthplace of many figures who have become known as “Internet celebrities”. By utilizing the Internets mass publicity capabilities, otherwise ordinary people have been able to become extremely popular online by doing a variety of things. These can include commentary gaming, vlogging, creating a web show, doing trending activities, discussing trending topics, etc. By gaining popularity online, these people become what is known as “Internet famous” and some even receive an income due to their online activities being so popular.

Celebrities have existed much longer than the Internet has. However, with the integration of the Internet into modern society, the publicity of celebrities has become much more intense. Also, it has arguably become easier just to become a celebrity. Many modern celebrities first gained publicity through the Internet, and almost all modern celebrities, web-borne or otherwise, have some sort of social network account. How do you think the Internet has affected the celebrity world?



2 thoughts on “Topic 9: Web Fame

  1. I think the internet has affected it in a positive way. Before, it was practically impossible to be noticed unless you had connections, but with the internet, that’s no longer the case, you can become famous from your bedroom. While becoming super-famous is probably still just as hard, many people aren’t looking for that, they just want to share their creations with others, and the internet lets them do just that.


  2. I’m quite familiar with being famous on the internet because of my previous career but that was just for being an undefeated player. To answer your question (“How do you think the Internet has affected the celebrity world?”), I believe it has become much easier for people to become celebrities and since I’ve been asked i assume you want my opinion which is that i’m happy that any person with a passion can now express it and gain the fame without having to spend a lot of money getting into a spotlight.


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