Topic 7: Privacy vs Publicity

Presently, we live in a time that is often referred to as “the Information Era”. This title serves as a testament to our societies’ ever expanding desire and ability to receive information and stay well-informed about the world, the people in it, and the events that occur in it. As we previously discussed, the Internet excels in providing the latest information about anything one could want to know about. However, besides providing information, the Internet also possess the more controversial function of storing information.

The balance of publicity and privacy has been a longstanding issue amongst the users of the Internet. With online communication mediums and methods, like social networks, gaming communities, etc., in order to access and use these online formats, it is commonly required to set up an account first. The basic format of this process is, for the most part, the same for all online accounts, though the details can vary. Most accounts and profiles require people to input information such as their age, email address, gender, and current residential area. The majority of Internet users might not object to providing this personal information, but there are some websites that require even more specific and personal information, and this can cause controversy. For what reasons should a website require certain personal information? For what reasons should someone not have to reveal certain personal information?



2 thoughts on “Topic 7: Privacy vs Publicity

  1. The internet is basically one giant forum, with people constantly coming and going, and a lot of information available to everyone. I believe that the responsibility of keeping private information private falls on both parties. If a network offers the ability to privately communicate with others, then it should be held responsible for keep that information private, but people should also be aware of exactly what service they are being provided with, and its privacy policies. People should post private things on twitter and expect it to stay private, but they should expect their bank to keep their banking information private.


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