Topic 6: Online Gaming

Every method and format of communication online possesses some sort of specialty that makes it unique. When it comes to online gaming, the feature that makes this format of online communication unique is the ability and option for live communication. Other formats of online communication follow the routine of strictly segmented communication. That is to say, one person sends some type of message to another, and they respond upon receiving the message and reviewing the contents within. On the other hand, online gaming provides an opportunity for Internet users to engage in the much more interactive and immediate live communication.

Unlike formats like social networks and email, online gaming is a highly social environment that allows, not only two, but groups of several people to communicate through text and/or audio. For example, Xbox Live is one provider of live communication for online gamers. On Xbox Live, gamers in the same region that are participating in the same game can not only send text messages, but also directly talk to each other thanks to the system’s compatibility with audio devices like microphones. This enhancement of communication between gamers can provide a better experience and sense of teamwork between players. How do you think the ability to live communicate influences online communication?



2 thoughts on “Topic 6: Online Gaming

  1. Ok now we have entered my realm, I have played professionally for three organizations and have made quite a bank account with it. It is true that online gaming incorporates forms of communication such as developing plans and strategies in a team or just communicating socially while playing a game. Communication in online gaming is more social on games like MMO and co-op because developing a connection with others helps in these types. games like multiplayer combat simulators are more of a light conversation and the teams are very social in there own group.


  2. As Law said, the pick-up-and-play nature multiplayer combat games means you will rarely meet the same person twice in some of the larger titles, and you are usually too busy trying to blow someone’s head off to bother saying high. However, if players do form a squad, it’s just like being on a team in a sport, they come to rely on, and trust each other, which usually results in these teams being very close. MMOs, on the other hand, usually have thriving social communities. There are several reasons for this, the first being their size. While shooters can have just as many active players, they usually only have a max of 20 people playing on the same server at one time. MMOs have servers that can hold several thousand people at once, all of whom can interact with any other player on that server. Another reason is the way the combat is set up. In shooters, coordination between teammates isn’t necessary most of the time, as long as everyone is working towards the objective, they usually can achieve it. In MMOs, that is not the case, primarily because MMO characters are specialized toward one thing, like tanking, healing, or DPS, and the big boss fights are designed around the assumption that the team taking on the boss will have someone in each of these roles, and they will be working together to cover each others weaknesses. If there is no communication, then the healer won’t know who to heal, and the tank won’t know what to pull aggro from. This requirement for communication means people interact a lot more, and can lead to people becoming friends. MMOs also tend to be more friendly because you are not always trying to kill someone else, sometimes you’re just hanging out talking with people.


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