Topic 5: Social Networks

Perhaps the most prominent and well-known of all online formats of communication is social networks. These websites have been a staple feature since the early years of the Internet, and are one of the oldest methods of online communication. Since online communication is what social networks are designed for, this is what most people think of when considering online communication. In the early years of the Internet and online social networks, these websites were not significantly different from, say, written letters or postage. Some of the earlier social networks, like AOL or Myspace were designed simply for sending messages or reading articles. As the years have gone by and the Internet has continued to grow and evolve, so to have the different social networks, particularly within the last decade. Newer, more interactive social networks have arisen, including Gmail, YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter.

In the past, social networks were designed and used for much simpler functions than they are today. With the introduction of social networks like YouTube and FaceBook, social networks have evolved and diversified considerably. For example, YouTube is a social media that is heavily video oriented; people can post videos and socialize and interact about the videos by commenting on them. FaceBook is an example of a more well-rounded social network; FaceBook allows its users to make text-based, picture-based, or video-based posts, as well as several others. What social networks do you use? How have these social networks impacted how you communicate online/offline?



2 thoughts on “Topic 5: Social Networks

  1. Throughout high school things like face book and twitter were becoming very popular and i was pretty busy with my gaming career at that time so i didn’t have much time to invest in the social networking. but i think it breeds some really cool things but also some really stupid ones, this happens whenever you put a large group of humans together.i don’t have much experience in this field.


  2. Social networks have brought about some pretty big changes. They enable people to stay in contact with others in a way not previously possible. Even if two people are at opposing ends of the earth, they can still communicate as if they are right next to each other. This makes spreading information very easy, and is a big part of how things can go viral. However, there is a darker side to social networks. Because much of the personal information on social networks is readily available, it makes it easy for people to stalk others, and it can be hard to police this kind of action. Also, social networks that enable people to anonymously post have brought about cyber bullying, which is very serious. Like most things in this world, social networking has a good and a bad side, so while the things they offer are extremely helpful, care should be taken when using them.


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