Topic 3: Trends

Trends have been a staple feature in social media for decades, centuries even. Trends are certain fashions, activities, topics, etc. that gain mass popularity through the utilization of widespread publicity. Almost all trends are temporary. As new trends spread, older trends fall out of use. Although the longevity of a trend can vary, trends tend to follow this same pattern. When a new trend becomes popular, it is practiced, adopted, or incorporated en masse by the majority of the communities in which it has been publicized and popularized. A trend stays in fashion for a while but, over time, it gradually gets used less and less. Eventually, a new trend is popularized and, for the most part, replaces the old trend. The Internet is, without a doubt, the most efficient trend-spreading instrument to date.

It could be argued that the Internet, itself, is a trend. While most of the trends spread through the Internet are temporary, the Internet as a whole would be considered an exception to this commonality. Over the years, as the Internet has evolved, increasing its range of capabilities and functions, people have been using it more and more to spread trends. For example, in 2014, one of the most prominent and popular trends was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. For anyone who does not know, this trend involved posting a video of oneself dumping a bucket of ice water on their head and donating one thousand dollars to a fundraiser for the research on a cure for the disease known as ALS, before nominating three other people to do the same. One person nominating three people caused this trend to spread exponentially in less than a year. This trend was also an example of how trends are not only used for entertainment or popularity, but are also used to rally people behind a good cause. What are some other unique trends that have been spread through use of the Internet?



2 thoughts on “Topic 3: Trends

  1. I’m not really a trend person so I don’t have a whole lot to say about this, but I do find the relationship between trends and the internet interesting. Information travels very quickly over the internet, and an immense number of people can access it. Due to this, something can be posted one day, and the next day millions of people can have viewed it. This contributes a great deal to the lightning spread of trends. Another interesting thing is that if someone is at the forefront of a trend, they can generate a large amount of traffic to their website, which can make them money. Corporations and internet personalities are aware of this, and some try to exploit it. In a way, the internet has made trending, a trend.


    1. Like my buddy nat, i don’t have much experience with trends but i do think they are rather interesting because the thought or style from one person was so ingeniously accepted across thousands of clicks and groups that it becomes an extremely popular thing. And the spread is most definitely due to the intense speed of the transfer of information on the internet.


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