Welcome to Net Talk

If you are reading this, I would first like to welcome you to my new blog, Net Talk. I created this blog for a project assigned by one of my college classes. This blog will be focusing on the different methods, mediums, and formats in which people communicate on the Internet, as well as how the Internet impacts language, writing, and communication in general. Over the course of the next week and a half, I will be discussing some of the specific aspects, issues, and phenomena about online communication. Each post will discuss one specific topic; I will make key points about each topic and express my own opinion about them. However, I also want to hear any points or opinions that other people would be willing to share. I will conclude my post on each topic with a question or prompt for you to consider in your response. I would like each response to be at least one paragraph (5-6 sentences), but feel free to write up to three paragraphs. Once again, welcome to Net Talk, and thank you for offering to help me with my project.


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